Relocation service

Relocation service

Relocation service2022-08-31T08:38:20+02:00

Relocation service in Dusseldorf and surrounding area

Relocation service from Homepartner

A move usually heralds a new phase in life, and as exciting as the new thing may be, it will be stressful at first. Even if the move takes place within the same city, the change of residence brings with it a lot of tasks. Before a moving box can even be unpacked in the new home, the right property must first be found, contracts negotiated and signed, and a removal company hired. Imagine moving to Düsseldorf from another region or abroad without any local knowledge, the stress is pre-programmed.

The challenges that a change of residence brings with it can be mastered by a relocation service. Homepartner Relocation Agency offers you a comprehensive service that will make your move as easy as possible. We help to make your change of residence as stress-free as possible.

As part of the relocation service, Homepartner will take care of the search for a suitable property for you, approach estate agents to identify the best properties, undertake viewings and take care of all the formalities, so that you can change residence without too much effort and with a good feeling. In addition, Homepartner organises your move, initiates the necessary registrations with utilities and public authorities and organises the craftsmen for the necessary conversion or renovation measures. If you wish, we can also help you find a kindergarten, school, language school or sports club. You determine the scope.

Homepartner Relocation Service focuses on the Dusseldorf, Meerbusch and surrounding areas. We support companies to make it easier for their executives and expats to arrive in their new environment and offer you a tailor-made package. Furthermore, we specialise in assisting private clients and families with their move to or within Düsseldorf.

What services does relocation service include?

  • Real estate search
  • Real estate selection & presentation

  • Arrangement of viewing appointments

  • Viewing & Consultation

  • Orientation tour at the new place of residence

  • Immigration & official procedures

  • Registration with utilities

  • Obtaining quotations from tradesmen

  • Supervision of renovation & conversion measures

  • School & Kindergarten search
  • Search for the right language school

  • Job search for the partner
  • Search for suitable leisure & further education offers

Frequently asked questions

FAQ – Relocation Service

Why hire a relocation service?2021-03-16T19:34:04+01:00

Of course, you can also do your move and all related things yourself. But if you need to focus on your job and your actual tasks, it may be helpful to get support.

How much does a relocation service cost?2021-03-16T19:28:58+01:00

The cost varies depending on the size of the move and the additional services booked. The starting price is € 1,850 plus VAT.

What help can I expect with a renovation?2021-03-16T19:33:37+01:00

Do you already have your own ideas that you would like to implement, or do you first need suggestions as to what kind of renovation you could do? Together we will develop a plan and if you wish we will turn this plan into reality.

What are the advantages of this service for me?2021-04-12T19:20:28+02:00

You can devote your time to your actual task and do not have to spend your time coordinating craftsmen. Together with all trades, a construction schedule is drawn up and subsequently implemented.

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About us

Founder and head of Homepartner, I am: Daniela Enge, lawyer and qualified real estate economist and mother of two sons. In 2010, our family moved to Sydney, Australia, for a few years for professional reasons. I know from my own experience what such a move means.

Before and after our stay abroad, I worked for a national and well-known real estate company for almost twenty years and know Düsseldorf and the surrounding area very well. I am passionate about real estate, whether it is in need of renovation or top modern. Real estate has charisma and should be more than just an object, it should be a home.

Finding the right houses and flats for you as a client, so that you have a new home, is my goal. Trust my experience and my extensive network in your search.

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