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„The most valuable thing in life is time.“

Bruce Lee

Homepartner was created to save you your valuable time
– You won’t be left alone in your search for a property –
we help you.

Change of residence made easy

What is Relocation Service?

First and foremost, relocation services are offered to executives in international companies, and expatriates receive this relocation support as part of their remuneration package.

But what do you do if you do not work for a large company that takes on the cost and still need to relocate to Düsseldorf and the surrounding area?

You still need all the support that a relocation service can give you – help and support to finding the right property or the right schools for your children.

If you have no local knowledge and no opportunity to organise your move in Düsseldorf at any time, Homepartner can offer you help.

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“The most valuable thing in life is time.”
Bruce Lee

Finding the suitable property

Homepartner supports you in your search for a suitable home. We search individually just for you, take your budget into account and advise you personally.

Authorities & Errands

Homepartner will take care of all formalities associated with a move for you, so that you can concentrate fully on your tasks at your new place of residence.

Arrive & feel at home

To ensure that your children are happy from the first moment, Homepartner will find the right school, the right sports club and has a list of restaurants and cultural institutions in Düsseldorf for you on request.

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The home as you wish

The perfect property

Finding the suitable houses and apartments for you, the customer, to have a new home is the goal of Homepartner.

Daniela Enge